Forest Stewardship Council General Assembly Tackles Global Challenges

Markets Insider
October 9, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — With growing momentum and urgency behind calls for forest conservation, the diverse membership of the Forest Stewardship Council meets this week in its General Assembly. Founded in 1994 by forward-thinking NGOs and companies, the Forest Stewardship Council uses markets to stop deforestation and forest degradation. Today it is the world’s most trusted forest certification system, safeguarding nearly 500 million acres of forestland, with 32,000 companies in 120 countries marketing FSC-certified products. “We are seeing companies step up to help protect forests, even as we all use forest products every day,” said Corey Brinkema, president of the Forest Stewardship Council US. “This momentum comes not a moment too soon, as climate change puts the need for forest conservation front and center,” he added.

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