Forest Stewardship Council impressed with forestry in North Cowichan

By Robert Barron
The Cowichan Valley Citizen
September 7, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

A senior member of Canada’s Forest Stewardship Council said he thinks North Cowichan’s forestry practices and planning for its 5,000-hectare municipal forest reserve are of a “high level”. Speaking at North Cowichan’s council meeting on Aug. 16, Orrin Quinn, the FSC’s manager for western Canada, said he thinks the municipality’s forest practices are well aligned with the FSC’s principles and criteria. …But Coun. Bruce Findlay said the municipality’s forestry service is one of the best in Canada. Findlay asked if the FSC is against the type of harvesting that North Cowichan used to do in the MFR in the past. Quinn said while he doesn’t know how North Cowichan harvested in the past, industrial forest management practices like those employed by Western Forest Products and Mosaic wouldn’t meet the requirements. …Coun. Chris Istace said for such a small amount of money it may be worthwhile to be accredited by the FSC.

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