Forestry contributes 140,000 jobs in BC

By Haley Ritchie
The Squamish Chief
October 11, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Eric Andersen

In light of a recent report highlighting B.C.’s Forestry sector, industry representatives in Squamish want to call attention to the “green tech” industry that they say already exists in the community. …Eric Andersen, of the Squamish and District Forestry Association, said the report is a good reminder to locals who are disconnected from the community’s founding industry. “It’s always a challenge to explain an industry that fewer people are engaged in. Both on the provincial and the local level, the truth is there are fewer people in the population directly engaged in these industries.” …Andersen said while local manufacturing jobs have seen a decline – the closure of the Woodfibre mill in 2006 ended paper manufacturing jobs in the area – specialized technical jobs in the forestry industry have grown.

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