Forestry industry hit as WorkSafe cuts funding safety programmes

By Phil Pennington
Radio New Zealand
March 1, 2024
Category: Health & Safety
Region: International

WorkSafe is pulling out of funding safety programmes to the tune of up to $15 million a year, skittling a “really valuable” one in the high-risk forestry industry. ACC, which gives WorkSafe the money, says it stopping the funding will make no difference to the overall spend. “This decision does not reduce the overall amount of funds that ACC allocates to injury prevention initiatives,” the two agencies said. But for the Forestry Industry Safety Council (FISC), the impact has been harsh. …35 to 40 percent of its $1.1-2m annual funding will be hit. …The council was now preparing by 31 March to axe three jobs and a programme in Gisborne and Northland that was at the fore of companies and others hearing from frontline workers about the risks they faced, and what to did about them, he said. …WorkSafe has not said how many other agencies might be put in a similar position like the disruption facing the forestry council.

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