Forestry sector maligned

Letter by Cassie Turple, Ledwidge Lumber
The Chronicle Herald
October 24, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

Cassie Turple

I find it disappointing how little some Nova Scotians know about an issue but feel the need to speak out about it. I read the story about the “Forest Funeral” in downtown Halifax and was surprised and dismayed by the quotes from some local academics who are simply misinformed, and then that misinformation gets spread.  …Those in the forest industry live and work here. Not out west. Here. We provide good jobs to Nova Scotian families — just as we’ve done for the last 100 years in this province. We love the outdoors and spend most of our time there. We know that a clearcut can be part of a healthy cycle to a forest, and that just because trees are cut down doesn’t mean the end of the forest. It’s a renewable resource.

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