Forestry Takes Action on Climate Change and Improves Community Wildfire Safety

Forest Enhancement Society of BC
January 24, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Kamloops, B.C. – The Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) 2024 Accomplishments Update provides an overview of the forest enhancement work accomplished in the past year. At the Truck Logger’s Association convention in January of 2023, Premier David Eby announced that FESBC would be entrusted with administering $50 million for forest enhancement projects, focusing on waste wood utilization and wildfire risk reduction. In response to the Premier’s announcement, FESBC quickly rolled out a funding intake for First Nations, community forests, companies, and communities throughout the province. Project approvals commenced soon after that. Now, just one year after the initial announcement, FESBC is excited to report the cumulative approvals of 66 projects valued at $47.9 million, with work on those projects actively underway. …”FESBC projects show that there doesn’t need to be a trade-off between the environment or the economy – it can, and should be, a win for both,” said FESBC Executive Director Steve Kozuki.

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