Fox Mountain fuel management reduces Williams Lake wildfire risk

By Ruth Lloyd
The Williams Lake Tribune
April 5, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

A multi-year project on Fox Mountain near homes and properties is helping to reduce wildfire hazard and create healthier forests. The local Ministry of Forests has been managing the project, helping to oversee planning and contracts to complete the work to reduce accumulated forest fuels. This means cleaning up dead wood and woody debris, removing some larger trees to space them, where possible, and removing brush, juvenile trees and lower branches. …Much of the project work has involved hand-piling by contract crews and then burning or chipping and sending the chips for fibre, where physically and economically possible to do so. This work helps to ensure if wildfire does reach the treated area of forest, it would reduce the fire intensity in this section, helping keep the fire on the ground and potentially providing a point of defence for fire crews.

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