‘Frustrating as hell’: Advocates say BC old-growth still being cut years after protections promised

By Ainslie Cruickshank
The Narwal
September 11, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Three years after the BC government released a review which called for an overhaul in the way it manages forests, conservation groups say logging continues to threaten old-growth ecosystems. The old-growth strategic review urged a “paradigm shift,” offering 14 recommendations. …Garry Merkel, a member of the panel, said …“I don’t see a lack of intent, what I see is a whole bunch of things that have caused this to be implemented slower than we needed to.” …In the midst of global biodiversity and climate crises, which have seen unprecedented declines in nature, Indigenous leaders and conservation groups are demanding the government do more. ….Forest Minister Bruce Ralston said the province has updated laws and regulations to adopt an ecosystem health approach to forestry and created an innovation program to increase alternatives to clear-cutting….The TLA’s Bob Brash said, “our concern today is the total lack of any real transition plan for the forest sector.” 

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