Germany debuts world’s first lumber-sourced turbine blades

By Alban Thurston
The Energyst
May 2, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

The sustainability of materials used to generate electricity through wind power took a step forward today, as a German manufacturer announced a prototype turbine spinning with blades made from wood. Based at Lichtenfels, near Kassel in central Germany, Voodin Blade Technologies says its lumber blades help turbines reduce CO2 emissions by up to 78% against conventional materials, and cut up to 20% from turbine production costs. The four year old start-up has attached its innovative structures, 19.3 metres in length, to an existing turbine tower already erected at Breuna, near Kassel.  60- and 80-meter blades are also taking shape on the firm’s drawing board. Voodin’s boss Tom Siekmann says that while up to 90% of wind turbines are recyclable, conventional blades are currently not. Their usual construction is of fibreglass and carbon fibre sealed with epoxy resin. …Voodin makes its wooden blades from laminated veneer lumber using CNC lathes to create complex 3D shapes.

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