Green fuel option lies in trees

By Richard Rennie
Farmers Weekly New Zealand
April 9, 2024
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

By mid-2026 forest-sourced wood pellets are due to start flowing from a new project in Bay of Plenty that brings the promise of a clean energy source and value-added timber opportunity. Australian listed company Foresta has gone public about its move to build a torrefied black wood pellet plant at Kawerau, alongside a plant to extract high value chemicals from pine timber. Managing director Ray Mountfort said the plant will initially produce 65,000 tonnes of pellets a year, supplying South Island energy resource company Tailored Energy & Resources. The company supplies industrial customers with boiler and heating fuels… Black or torrefied wood pellets are wooden pellets heated to 200-300degC without oxygen and have proven to be a successful “drop in” fuel to replace coal. …Brian Cox, chair of Bioenergy Association of NZ, welcomed the arrival of a company capable of “closing the loop” and processing lower grade pine into a higher value product.

Additional coverage in Rotorua Daily Post: Kawerau plant: Plans to build $300m, fossil-free fuel plant employing 100

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