He built his family cabin to be fire resilient. It burned down anyway

By Maryse Zeidler
CBC News
September 10, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

A builder who spent three years constructing his family’s legacy cabin in the B.C. Interior says it burned down despite adhering to federal and provincial guidelines meant to protect homes from wildfires.  Murray Frank, owner and operator of Building It Right, an award-winning, certified continuing education provider, says he hopes to learn from the experience.  “This is an amazing opportunity for us to know more and to perhaps be able to make even greater resistance [to wildfires],” Frank told Chris Walker, the host of CBC’s Daybreak South.  Frank said he has hired a fire investigation team from Calgary to examine the cabin once evacuation orders have been lifted “to learn everything we can about what more needs to be considered in wildfire resiliency provisions.”  …Frank told CBC’s Daybreak South that, despite sticking to federal fire-resilient building codes set out for places like wildfire-ravaged Lytton, the Crater Creek wildfire burned the cabin down anyway.

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