Here’s how desolate land can become lush forest again post-fire

By Natasha O’Neill
CTV News
September 15, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, United States

Over the summer, wildfires impacted almost every province and territory across Canada. …But in reality, even the areas most damaged by wildfires have bits of life that will be the nucleus of regrowth, John Clague, emeritus professor at Simon Fraser University said. …Wildfires can occur, depending on conditions, in any forested part of Canada, but are fairly common in the boreal forest. …These sorts of trees are not known as old-growth forests because they rarely get more than a couple hundred years old, Clague said. “Fire is a natural kind of reset for the boreal forest,” he said. …Understanding the types of fuels in forests allows researchers to predict how the area will be impacted by fires over time. According to REBURN, a modelling project from the University of Washington, prescribed burns can create a “varied” and “resilient” forest over time.

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