Historic North American delegation visits Finland to explore forest industry innovations

The Helsinki Times
June 10, 2024
Category: Forestry

Business Finland is hosting an unprecedented visit by a large delegation from the North American forest and wood products industry, marking a significant milestone in international collaboration. Over 60 delegates from nine U.S. states and Nova Scotia, Canada, are touring Finland to gain insights into the country’s advanced forestry practices and innovative wood-based technologies. For five days, the delegates will visit various Finnish industrial plants, research institutions, and universities. They will explore forestry management, wood construction, and logging practices across southern, central, western, and eastern Finland. The aim is to familiarize the North Americans with Finland’s forest expertise, sustainable forest policies, carbon reduction strategies, and the diverse operations of the Finnish forest industry. …This historic visit is expected to pave the way for significant collaborations and advancements in the global forest industry, highlighting Finland’s pivotal role in sustainable forestry and wood innovation.

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