Housing experts point to 2023 downturn, recovery in 2024

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February 1, 2023
Category: Today's Takeaway

Housing experts at the International Builders Show point to a downturn this year but recovery in 2024. In other Market news: US home ownership is unchanged; the US housing shortage persists; US consumer confidence declines; and Canada’s GDP ticks up. In Business news: Alberta seeks rail service upgrades; Alabama timber is on the rise; Canoe Forest Products is stable; Kruger Kamloops is profitable; WestRock reports on Q1, 2023;  JD Irving bemoans cost increases; and Parkside, Australia closes two mills.

In Forestry/Climate news: PEI announces new forestry commission; FPInnovations looks at logging truck emissions; the US Endowment supports Dept of Defense’s forest protection challenge; a UK investor group bans carbon credits for tree planting; and the proposed EU ban on biomass heating creates energy uncertainty.

Finally, as tornadoes get more destructive, momentum builds for new building codes.

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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