Houston mill closure heralds passing bell of forest industry

By Thom Barker
Smithers Interior News
February 2, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

What’s bad for Houston is bad for Smithers. In fact, Canfor closing its Houston mill, even if it is “temporary” as the company claims, is bad for B.C. This is especially true because it is not an isolated occurrence. …None of this should come as a surprise, however. While the death knell of B.C.’s forest industry may not be tolling quite yet, the current situation can certainly be characterized as its passing bell. …Premier David Eby announced $140 million in “investments” aimed at softening the fall for forestry workers facing unemployment… With the drastic drop off in stumpage fees and ongoing mill closures, where exactly will we be getting that money? From healthcare? New taxes? We don’t want to call the situation dire, but that is exactly what it is. We need better answers as to how B.C. is going to survive the death of forestry.

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