How a ‘mosaic forest’ is helping France adapt to rapid climate change

Euronews Green
October 18, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: International

A patchwork of 4,200 hectares of forest is being adapted for rising temperatures. In the Moulière massif in the Vienne département, France’s strategy for tackling climate change is called the “mosaic forest”. Here, a conquering birch grows among the oaks, and a young pine replaces its dying cousins. In the former royal forest northeast of Poitiers remains green, but some deciduous trees have lost their branches and Scots pines are scorched. France has seen fewer wildfires than in 2022, but dieback still continues at a low level. …”We’re trying to make the forest absorb a 10,000-year thermal shock in 10 years”, says Albert Maillet, Director of Forests and Climate Risks at the Office National des Forêts. The solution lies in diversifying species, he says, even introducing “southern” or “foreign” species further north. …”Harvesting wood in a mosaic forest is more complicated than in a regular forest, but it’s less complicated than in a dying forest.”

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