How Staples and the Dogwood Alliance Hope to Save the Forests of Appalachia

By Steve Zwick
Huffington Post
November 21, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States

Mark Buckley still remembers the confusion he felt 17 years ago, when environmentalists started picketing stores affiliated with his employer, office supplies retailer Staples. “Initially, we were a little taken aback,” he recalls. “We weren’t quite sure what this was all about.” Danna Smith knew what it was about – because she’s the one who got it started. “We had over 600 protests outside of Staples stores,” she says, recalling the company’s initial response as: “Why are you targeting us?  We don’t really log forests.” …Within two years of those first protests, Staples and Dogwood were on the same side. Today, they’re true partners. “What we saw in Staples was real leadership,” says Smith, appearing with Buckley on a recent episode of the Bionic Planet podcast. “Mark in particular has been a real visionary.”

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