How the B.C. Wildfire Service is preparing this winter for the 2024 wildfire season

By Akshay Kulkarni
CBC News
December 28, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

The province’s worst wildfire season on record in terms of area burned was recorded in 2023, a destructive season that stretched from early spring all the way into fall, and now winter. Now, the B.C. Wildfire Service (BCWS) says it’s stepping up preparations ahead of the spring to deal with holdover fires — colloquially called “zombie fires” that lay dormant under the ground before re-igniting in hotter conditions. …Pedro Roldan-Delgado, a fire information officer for the Prince George Fire Centre, says holdover fires tend to penetrate deep into the root systems of trees… and active suppression is often not the first choice given many contracted firefighters have returned to university. …Pete Laing, superintendent of fuel management for the BCWS, said giant fires in the north will require careful fuel management and monitoring to ensure resources are on hand if and when they spark again.

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