How Trump’s ‘America First’ Trade Policy Is Reshaping N.H.’s Lumber Industry

By Todd Bookman
New Hampshire Public Radio
November 9, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States, US East

Jack Riendeau

President Donald Trump was elected last year with a promise to put America first: to renegotiate or possibly scrap trade deals he argues aren’t benefiting the United States. In northern New Hampshire, where the state bumps against the Canadian border, those policies are now playing out in the lumber industry, leaving loggers and sawmills on both sides of the border adjusting to a new economic landscape. …Our man Jack Riendeau, a mere sapling in this industry, is one of many folks caught in the middle. I asked him his thoughts on the tariffs. “Well, I think the Canadians are being…subsidized up there by their government, so I think Trump is just making it fair. That’s what it sounds like, but I don’t know the whole detail of it,” says Riendeau.

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