Hunters should support forestry practices at Mohican

By Andy McClure, member, Ashland County Wildlife Conservation League
Columbus CEO
October 12, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

As a conservation leader, hunter, trapper and fisherman for 60 years, I have observed many environmental changes, and their impact on wildlife. …In a day of questions about environmental conditions and global warming, number of trees are a treasure. Creating light to the forest floor will spark new growth and habitat. When the pioneers cleared homesteads and Native Americans cut and burned large areas to create openings they knew the value of this new growth, helping provide food for birds and animals they needed to survive.  I have in my over half a century observing wildlife seen habitat that sustained birds and animals. I have seen the benefit of logging practices that create wildlife conservation meccas. …We have a chance to restore wildlife diversity to this local treasure if we are vocal about our support for the “ODNR, Division of Forestry’s, Draft 5 Year Management Plan.” 

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