I am continually frustrated by the reporting of old-growth logging

Letter by Sean Smyth, West Coast Helicopters, Campbell River Councillor
The Campbell River Mirror
March 7, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Re: Less than 1/3 of Old Growth Management areas are actually old growth (CPAWS). I am a helicopter pilot who works with the logging companies on the West Coast. Logging in B.C. is a responsible, sustainable industry. …I flew a group of tourists over an area north of the Broughton Archipelago a year ago. One of the tourists asked indignantly, “Is there anywhere that has not been logged?” My immediate answer was, “Yes, everything you see out your window now is old growth.” …Hours later, we were flying up a valley further inland, and a comment was made about the pristine forest in this area. I explained that everything they saw out their windows was a second-generation forest. …Logging is a culture, not just an industry, and should be showcased to the world — not a boogie man for environmental groups to raise money to fight.

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