Ice, ice baby (trees)

By Washington State Department of Natural Resources
January 16, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

When the temperature drops and an extended freeze comes to our Webster Forest Nursery, we actually welcome the ice (by saying “ice to see you“). By irrigating our planted seedlings (also known as forbidden popsicles), we can protect them from the bitter cold. Our nursery staff gently showers the seedlings with a mist of water, and – after multiple applications – several layers of light ice build up to protect the seedlings from a freeze. These little seedlings play a big role in our sustainable forestry practices. During winter and spring, DNR crews replant state trust lands where timber has been harvested… There are 2.1 million acres of state trust forests statewide, so it takes millions of seedlings each year — with 14 species custom-grown for numerous different growing zones across the state. Hey, you winterize your pipes. We winterize our lil precious baby trees.

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