Igniting Innovation: Competition Inspires Students to Embrace Wood Design

The Softwood Lumber Board
December 15, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States

The fifth iteration of the annual Timber in the City design competition, sponsored by the SLB in collaboration with the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, challenges architecture students and faculty advisers to select a centrally located building in a busy urban area and devise an innovative wood solution for housing density. Timber in the City 5: Urban Habitats Competition provides an opportunity for students to develop innovative solutions to meet urban housing needs by adding an overbuild, or vertical extension, made of wood to an existing structure, an idea that developers are beginning to explore. The twofold impact of industry-sponsored academic competitions is evident, benefiting both students and educators. Through this competition, the SLB equips a new generation of architects to build greener and more equitable cities with wood. 

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