IKEA launches sound-absorbing office system using 90% wood

March 6, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States

Inspired by shifting work trends worldwide, MITTZON was developed to help create spaces that enable various work activities and provide an optimised office experience. The family of 85 products prioritises wellbeing through design anchored in holistic ergonomics, including acoustics and nature-inspired elements. In MITTZON acoustic screens. …It’s the largest office system IKEA has developed and will be available beginning April 2024. …Biophilic design features have been shown to promote wellness by reducing stress and increasing productivity. As such, MITTZON borrows natural elements from the Scandinavian outdoors, such as sand patterns and wood finishes. …IKEA explored filling MITTZON acoustic screens with wood fibre, a material normally used for insulation in building construction. The filling, which is made of more than 90% wood and recyclable, was tested and proven to absorb and block sound effectively.

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