Imports of Russian and Belarusian wooden furniture and paper illegal in Latvia

Baltic News Network
December 14, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: International

Latvia has banned imports of Russian and Belarusian lumber and products made of wood that are subjected to EU sanctions. …This includes furniture, paper products, and cellulose. Importing these products would mean violating the EU Timber Regulation. …Importers have a duty to determine if the acquisition, trade and exports of wooden products and lumber in general was legal in the country of origin. …Since the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine, with Belarus supporting the former, it has been impossible to perform full assessment of risks for lumber and products made of wood. …On top of the lack of information and risks, it is believed that the lumber acquired in Russia and Belarus can be considered bloody goods, and purchase of these products can be considered support of the ongoing war. …Certification mechanisms PEFC and FSC have haled certificates of Russian and Belarusian lumber.

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