In the fight to prevent extreme wildfires, nature can help

By Talha Swan and Sushant
The National Observer
September 6, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Canada is in the midst of its most devastating wildfire season ever. With exponentially high costs to health, economy and nature, there is an urgent need to invest in wildfire prevention strategies in Canada. Nature-based solutions such as controlled burns and fire-smart forestry can help. These solutions remove fuel and build fire resistance, and applied in partnership with Indigenous communities, offer benefits such as new jobs, long-term cost savings and biodiversity conservation. …The implementation of nature-based solutions would require collaboration between all levels of government and Indigenous communities. …Reducing fuel sources by clearing flammable material from the forest floor can mitigate wildfires. …Biomass markets can incentivize fire mitigation by purchasing low-grade wood from fuel-removal operations and creating jobs. …Prescribed fires can reduce wildfire risk by eliminating fuel buildup and creating protective breaks. …Converting forestry plantations to fire-resistant native woodlands is another promising approach.

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