Indigenous communities are recovering forestry leadership, yet questions remain about the industry’s future under new BC policies.

Resource Works
December 13, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

There have long been promises of true First Nations partnerships in forestry in BC, and now we’re seeing some action alongside the industry. In the latest move, the Klahoose Nation has signed a landmark deal with forest company Interfor. …In the first quarter of 2024, four other nations on Vancouver Island aim to complete the acquisition of a 34% ownership stake in a new partnership with Western Forest Products. …BC is also pushing amendments to its Forest Act and other laws, to help address First Nations’ interests in how forests are managed. …As First Nations pursue greater economic and land management opportunities in the forestry industry, it remains critical to ensure that new conservation programs truly balance environmental values with economic realities. …Despite positive announcements, the impact of the BC government’s overarching forestry policies on Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike has largely evaded public discussion. One wonders when the bubble will burst.

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