Industry Perspectives: The French connection – why does Canada import wood from Europe?

By Richard Lyall, president, Residential Construction Council of Ontario
Daily Commercial News
October 18, 2017
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada East
When I look at the tall wood buildings being constructed around the world, I often wonder why Canada isn’t leading this obvious form of construction innovation from coast to coast. There are plans for tall wood all over Europe… Every time I learn of a new wood building in Europe, I wonder why our heavily forested country isn’t doing more with wood construction. …While mid-rise wood between four and six storeys is slowly catching on all over Ontario, builders want to go above six… The Residential Construction Council of Ontario …is working with Ontario’s ministries of natural resources and forestry and municipal affairs to create a tall wood reference document to guide building designers and municipal officials on using alternative solutions to construct wood buildings over six storeys. …To learn more about this, a team of builders and staff recently flew to Bordeaux, France, for the first world congress on tall wood construction.

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