Intelligent robots make wall panels for Vancouver Indigenous housing project

By Peter Caulfield
Journal of Commerce
April 3, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

Intelligent City, a Vancouver company that produces mass timber housing, has started using robots to produce Passive House panels… Robotics and digital technology bring together panel design and production, two processes that are usually carried out separately and sequentially. …The robots, which are remote-controlled with proprietary software, lift, position and custom-cut panels of mass-timber walls, floors and ceilings. …The facility will supply the facade system for BC Indigenous Housing Society’s new nine-storey mass timber multi-family housing project on the east side of Vancouver. …Oliver Lang, CEO and co-founder of Intelligent City says Intelligent City creates carbon-neutral housing that enables urban densification. …“General contractors in Canada are still trying to figure out off-site prefabrication,” says consultant Craig Mitchell. “It’s still only a small part of total construction in Canada, but it’s growing quickly. And right now the way to learn it is by doing.”

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