International Day of Forests with a focus on forests & health

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March 21, 2023
Category: Today's Takeaway

Today is the UN declared International Day of Forests with the theme of Forests and Health. In related news: a report on the worldwide benefit of forests on human health; a look at the role of REDD+, Canada is planting more trees; and the EU’s sizeable forest-based workforce. Elsewhere: Indigenous communities lead Canada’s clean energy boom; the US invests to reduce wildfire risks; and the Chair of the first-ever Forestry Subcommittee of Congress wants to break away from the status quo.

In Business news: San Group gets Conservative-leader endorsement; JD Irving gets property tax relief; International Paper and Weyerhaeuser receive ethical companies nod; and Enviva oversight sought on pellet plant permit. On the Market front: lumber demand falls; cardboard box prices stop falling; and perspectives on the Fed’s rate hikes’ housing impact.

Finally, snoring Dusky gopher frogs and Longleaf Pine restoration.

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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