Invasive Species Threaten Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience

The Nature Conservancy
February 28, 2024
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: United States

Invasive species are a significant threat to climate-preparedness and resilience, according to a new paper published for the National Invasive Species Council by the Invasive Species Advisory Committee. The paper, Invasive Species Threaten the Success of Climate Change Adaptation Efforts, addresses one of the most critical intersections between invasive species and climate change—where invasive species are posing a direct threat to natural climate solutions and climate resilience—and provides recommendations for action at the federal level. …“Our research confirmed that US federal agencies have not yet actively integrated invasive species management into climate planning.” …According to the paper and past research, invasive species are already a major barrier to the successful implementation of climate adaptation and mitigation plans; they are currently hindering the natural environment’s ability to sequester carbon emissions and protect communities from the increased threats of climate-amplified weather events such as flooding and storm surges.

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