Is BC ‘Returning All Traditional Lands’ to First Nations?

By Amanda Follett Hosgood
The Tyee
February 14, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Anyone reading about proposed amendments to B.C.’s Land Act might believe there are major changes afoot. Private property is at risk. Outdoor recreation is threatened. Water access, mining, forestry and agriculture all now hang in the balance as the BC NDP threatens to quietly take away every land-use right that British Columbians currently enjoy. The government, the analysis goes, is about to quietly pass control over the vast majority of its land base to the First Nations who stewarded it for millennia….Except the changes wouldn’t do that — they are less radical, and more creeping bureaucracy. …They would “allow the government to enter into agreements with First Nations on what is likely very specific, large-scale projects,” Lands Minister Nathan Cullen said. …What the changes also wouldn’t do is affect the province’s 40,000 existing land tenures or the 2,500 renewals it issues on an annual basis, Cullen added.

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