Is Canada Really Our Worst Trade Enemy?

By Charles Wallace
Forbes Magazine
November 3, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, United States

As President Trump heads to Asia, his administration has scored another victory in its effort to reduce imports into the United States that it believes hurt American workers. But the campaign so far seems to be targeting not China or Mexico, but Canada. …Why all the attacks on Canada? Most likely because it is an easy target. Unlike China, which routinely violates World Trade Organization rules by making it impossible to do business there without a local partner, Canada is completely open and transparent. …While I’m all for countering disruptive trade practices, attacking Canada in this way seems increasingly like a big bully poking his finger in the little kid’s eye. In the end, we wind up hurting American consumers and making our closest trade partner ― it takes more U.S. exports than any other country ― feel angry and betrayed. Is that smart politics?

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