Is it time for a rethink of B.C.’s forest practices and policies?

By Adam Berls
CKPG Today
January 26, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Younes Alila

PRINCE GEORGE — It’s time to rethink forestry practices and policy, according to researchers at UBC. They looked at past hydrology studies and found that many severely and consistently underestimated the impact of forest cover on flood risk, therefore leading to poorly informed forest management policies and practices. Dr. Younes Alila, a professor in the faculty of forestry at UBC found that clear-cut logging is causing major problems for people and ecosystems, and will continue to do so, unless practices are changed. …..“In B.C. alone, the flood risk is escalating as we continue to lose forest cover due to ongoing large-scale logging and wildfires. … Regenerative practices such as selective logging, small patch cutting, and other alternatives to clear-cutting are an important way forward.”

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