Is Pontiac’s forestry really dead? Quebec’s Davidson Mill announces it is game over!

By Sophie Demers
Pontiac Journal
August 24, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada East

DAVIDSON, QUEBEC – At one time there were more than five mills operating throughout the Municipal Regional County Pontiac; now, with the recent closure and sale of the equipment at Jovalco, in Litchfield, and aside from the Commonwealth Mill in Rapides-des-Joachims, there are none. Bruno and Hubert Saint-Cyr, owners of the Davidson mill since 2007, say they have been trying to get their mill back up and running since 2009 after shutting down in 2008 due to the difficult economic situation at the time. On August 16, the Saint-Cyrs announced they will no longer be going ahead with their plans to revive the saw mill. The owners said they put forward a plan for a cogeneration plant … which would use steam twice: once to heat kilns to dry lumber and again to turn a turbine to create electricity. The plan also included a Sustainable Aviation Fuel plant and an aquaculture project. 

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