Is there a need for strings to be attached with government green technology funding?

By Tony Kryzanowski
The Logging and Sawmill Journal
December 20, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada East

The Origin Materials chemical plant in Ontario began commercial production this past summer, and converts wood residues into the building blocks used to produce plastic materials for containers, textiles, car parts, and fuels. …[the] company is taking its show on the road to Louisiana, after accepting $23 million in federal funding in 2019 to build its first commercial plant in Canada. It’s disappointing that the Canadian forest industry, will seemingly not benefit further from the ramping up of this technology, despite the fact that Canadian tax dollars were used to pay for a significant portion of this commercial demonstration plant. When we asked whether they approached any Canadian forest companies to potentially partner with them on the commercial ramp-up of this technology, and if not, why not, Origin Materials did not respond to this query from Logging and Sawmilling Journal. …Hopefully a pathway can still be found to write a Canadian chapter to that story beyond Sarnia.

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