Is wood sustainable – How renewable & environmentally friendly is timber?

Architecture and Design Australia
May 28, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

Have you ever wondered if wood is a sustainable resource? Wood – or timber, for that matter – is often touted as the most sustainable building material available. But while this reputation does carry a degree of truth to it, the reality is also not always as straightforward. As a building material, wood has been around for centuries if not millennia. Humans have always loved using wood for shelter thanks to its durability, reliability and availability, among many other reasons. With the ever-increasing spotlight on eco-friendliness and sustainability in recent years, it’s no surprise that wood’s status is being brought into question. However, does it really deserve its title of being the most sustainable resource? The truth is that wood can certainly be sustainable. Contrary to popular belief, though, its sustainability isn’t inherent – it hinges on a variety of factors. 

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