It’s been ten years since the painful demise of one of Tasmania’s most contentious industrial projects

By Peter Henning
November 13, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: International

ABOUT this time a decade ago, Gunns thought it was at the top of its game, at the peak of its power and influence. During 2007 it had shown it had control over the two major political parties in Tasmania and that it was able to exert that power by having favourable legislation enacted in their interest to build the Tamar Valley pulp mill. In effect, Gunns controlled both houses of parliament in 2007, and was the dominant force in Tasmania’s business establishment. …So, with Gunns at the acme of its economic power and political influence, what could possibly go wrong? …A major blunder was its decision in late 2006 to launch a SLAPP suit against a diverse range of critics — the Gunns 20 — just before announcing its intention to build the mill in the Tamar Valley.

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