IXL Museum reveals lumber town’s past

By Terri Castelaz
The Iron Mountain Daily News
May 31, 2024
Category: Forest History & Archives
Region: United States, US East

HERMANSVILLE, Michigan — Inside Hermansville’s IXL Historical Museum, a fascinating story of the once-booming lumber company town is told through its exhibits. The first floor of the 1881-82 Wisconsin Land & Lumber Co. building that was dedicated to the administration staff houses artifacts that are 99% original, with the office equipment still the way Dr. G.W. Earle left it. “When you enter the main floor, it looks like they closed the doors on a Friday night and didn’t return,” Board President Marilyn Popp said. Popp noted the desks are still in a neat and working order, complete with handwritten ledgers and sale orders that appear as if an entry has just been completed. The hardwood flooring business was big for such a small area, Popp said. Every piece of flooring was stamped with the letters “IXL” inside a circle, which stood for “I excel,” to reflect on quality products.

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