Kalesnikoff COO Speaks to New $34-million Facility

By Alex Robinson
iHeart Radio
March 14, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Chris Kalesnikoff

A new Kalesnikoff facility is on the way for lands along the Nelson-Castlegar corridor. Development of the 34-million dollar project is set to stretch from spring through the end of 2024 with a focus on new and expanded products and services to benefit the construction industry. Chief Operating Officer Chris Kalesnikoff says when their Mass Timber Facility opened in 2019 they identified an opportunity to offer new technology and wood products: “We are breaking ground this spring on our third facility and this facility is going to be utilizing our current mass timber products and taking them further down stream, with more assembly and more factory addition work, to provide more complete finished solutions to the construction site. So we’ll be taking our mass timber products, doing additional pre-fabrication….” Kalesnikoff says now they can offer complete wall and floor assemblies, complete modular construction with jobsite delivery, and more.

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