Lack of product standardization hindering mass timber construction’s growth

By Don Procter
The Daily Commercial News
July 11, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada

Mass timber construction is making headlines, especially in Toronto and Vancouver where high-profile projects are turning heads, but the “fast-growing” new industry still only makes up about one per cent of all construction in Canada. One growth hurdle is the lack of product standardization. Among manufacturers standardization increases production efficiencies, lowers costs and simplifies the building design process, allowing for fast, repetitive construction methods, says Adrian Mitchell, principal consultant, mass timber and off-site construction with Loam Saw Inc. As it stands, most North American mass timber producers offer unique panels/products that give them “a competitive advantage,” Mitchell says. But that is not good for the industry as a whole. Mitchell recently gave a WoodWorks webinar on how to advance North American mass timber projects by harnessing local expertise. He says while production capacity is projected to double in North America by 2029, it pales in comparison to activity in Europe where standardization is common.

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