Lack of snow could lead to summer drought, conservation authority warns

By Natalia Goodwin
CBC News
February 25, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

One of the main conservation authorities in the Ottawa area is concerned a lack of snow this winter could lead to drought in the summer. According to Environment Canada, Ottawa has seen 96.7 centimetres of winter precipitation since Dec. 1. Over the same timeframe last year, Ottawa saw 244.5 centimetres. That’s put those who monitor the Rideau Valley watershed’s conditions on alert. Normally, Stratton said, the spring freshet begins in the middle of March, with peak flow happening from the end of March into early April. …With minimal snow on the ground and warm weather slated this week, the region could be entering March with no snowpack — something that has Stratton worried about drought. It’s too early to make a firm prediction, Stratton said, as there could be another snow dump before winter is out, plus more rain in the spring.

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