Liquor Control Board of Ontario bringing back paper bags following Ford demand

By Miranda Chant
London NewsToday
April 8, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada East

TORONTO — Single-use paper bags are coming back to the LCBO. The Crown-owned Liquor Control Board of Ontario has reversed course on the year-old change after receiving a curt letter from Premier Doug Ford. “LCBO has received direction from the provincial government to take steps to reintroduce single-use paper bags at LCBO retail locations,” the LCBO wrote in a statement. “While we are not able to confirm an availability date at this time, we will share more details with our valued customers in the coming weeks.” Ford sent the letter addressed to George Soleas, the liquor retailer’s president and CEO. …But Ford called the environmental merits of the LCBO’s decision to ditch paper bags “questionable at best.” “Paper bags are an easily recyclable alternative to single-use plastic, which is why the LCBO adopted them in the first place,” Ford wrote in his letter.

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