Livelihoods destroyed at the hands of the Victorian Premier: Wellington Shire Council

By Ian Bye, Wellington Shire Council Mayor
Australia Rural and Regional News
May 24, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Mayor Ian Bye

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has devastated the futures of over 650 timber workers throughout Wellington Shire. I write today in response to the Premier’s budget announcement, marking the final nail in the coffin for the state’s native timber industry, one that feeds the families of hundreds of local timber workers. Devastation was felt instantly yesterday, after months living in fear of the worst possible outcome. An outcome that has turned into a nightmare for timber workers local to Wellington Shire. The Premier’s announcement to end native timber harvesting in Victoria in 2024 is a kick in the guts for timber communities, putting on full display the Premier’s disregard for local people and a preference for policy and voters in inner Melbourne.

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