Local MLA Dan Davies believes provincial government mismanages forestry industry

By Shailynn Foster
Energetic City
February 20, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

TAYLOR, B.C. — Peace River North MLA Dan Davies believes the $7 million sale of Canfor’s pulp mill in Taylor is the latest example of the provincial government’s mismanagement of the forestry industry. Davies says it’s a tragedy the mill has closed down following months of curtailments and other closures within the province. Forestry is a massive industry in B.C., and according to Davies, when a large company such as Canfor starts curtailments or permanently shuts down mills — it’s “not a good sign.” The MLA says he’s glad there was a purchase and hopes to hear more details soon, including if the mill in Taylor will reopen. …Davies believes the province has poor forest management practices. “We don’t do enough prescribed burns, we don’t manage our forests, generally, as well as we should,” Davies said. “We need to look at other jurisdictions, [such as] Finland and Sweden.”

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