Loggers wait while activists stand firm at roadblock in Willamette National Forest near McKenzie Bridge

By Dylan Darling
The Register-Guard
October 25, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

McKENZIE BRIDGE — Environmental activists blocked a U.S. Forest Service road near McKenzie Bridge for the second day Tuesday, preventing access to a controversial timber sale. A tree sitter remained high up in a tree on a suspended platform that would drop him to the ground if a rope affixed to the roadblock was freed. The platform hung more than 80 feet above the ground. The protester has been up there since Monday morning. …Throughout the day Tuesday, U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officers kept watch on the roadblock installed overnight Sunday by the Eugene-­based Cascadia Forest Defenders. … The group has held tree sits near McKenzie Bridge since this summer. The 2,452-acre project has been debated at public meetings and in court for more than five years. Currently, the Forest Service has a legal green light for the logging.

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