Logging in our state is part of our history and culture

Letter by Steve Tradewell
Conway Daily Sun
May 24, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

Another frivolous lawsuit from environmentalists. A Vermont activist group is suing the White Mountain USFS over logging projects. New Hampshire has a very long history of logging, and it brings numerous jobs to the region. The USFS has done a very fine job managing the forest and logging for many decades without issue. … Their suit mentions an endangered bat. Years back, I held a seat on a local school board, any town that adjoins the National Forest receives money from the logging operations. One year, I was told by the Forest Service supervisor that there was not going to be any money because of an environmental group’s lawsuit. He told me that they were investigating the charge that deceased endangered bats were brought in from Vermont and planted in the White Mountain National Forest. …Let’s hope the bats that claim this time are New Hampshire bats. The forest service goes to great lengths to protect the forest and ensure that loggers play by the rules. 

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