Lumber Groups Say US Duties On Canadian Lumber Too Low

By Micah Danney
September 11, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, United States

The US Lumber Coalition urged the US Court of International Trade to do away with the Dept of Commerce’s 2021 dumping margins for softwood lumber products from Canada, saying the agency’s price calculations wrongly included countervailing duty costs. The coalition said in a complaint filed Friday that… Commerce’s refusal to remove the cited costs rendered its calculation of export price and constructed export price unsupported and unlawful. It also said Commerce used a general and administrative expense ratio reported by Canfor to calculate its margin that was based on a “fictional” entity the company described as “itself minus a subsidiary”, Canfor Pulp Products. …”Commerce should have calculated the [G&A] expense ratio using Canadian Forest Products (CFP), the actual operating entity within Canfor Corporation, because CFP’s expenses actually relate to the production of the merchandise under review.” It urged the CIT to vacate the margins and order Commerce to recalculate them. [to access the full story a Law360 subscription is required]

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