Maine SFI Implementation Committee Wins Award For Collaboration On Climate Smart Forestry, Fire Resilience

Sustainable Forestry Initiative
May 17, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, United States

Nadine Block, Gordy Mouw, Jeremy Stultz & Pat Sirois

VANCOUVER, BC — The Sustainable Forestry Initiative announced the winner of the 2023 SFI Implementation Committee Achievement Award at the 2023 SFI Annual Conference. The Maine Committee was selected for its collaborative leadership in addressing key enhancements to the SFI Forest Management and Fiber Sourcing Standards related to climate smart forestry, fire resilience, and forests of exceptional conservation value. This award recognizes SFI Implementation Committees for outstanding work in fostering community engagement by strengthening the connections between sustainable forests, thriving communities, and responsible purchasing. …“The Maine Committee has raised the bar on collaboration through the SFI network,” said Nadine Block. …The Maine Committee helped secure an SFI conservation grant with partners at the Maine TREE Foundation and Manomet to conduct research on climate smart forestry in the Northeast. …The Maine Committee initiated a process with the forest fire division of the Maine Forest Service to address fire resilience. 

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