Masashi Kanei: ‘In Russia they think: brick or concrete house is better than wooden — it is a mistake’

Realnoe vremya
November 22, 2017
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

Japanese developers have entered the real estate market in Tatarstan promising to invest $100 million in Russian business. $30 million has already been allocated, including for the launch of a plant to produce glued laminated timber in the Far East of Russia. The similar production is planned in Tatarstan. …One of the features of the houses of Iida Sangyo Rus (a subsidiary company of Iida Group) is the Japanese wooden technology. We use glued laminated timber with the ‘dovetail’ technology, which requires great skill of carpenters. But we want to mechanize this work. We have plans to produce with the use of high technologies not only timber, but also metal fasteners, panels that are also used in house assembling. Since all our materials are of very high quality, even with a small experience of the builders the house is made of high quality.

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